Around The Sacred Fire

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 Our Wreath of Rose Buds

A tsi lv s gi – Rose in Cherokee. The Cherokee National Female Seminary is a historical site in Tahlequah on the campus of Northeastern State University. It is where many young Cherokee women were housed and educated after the removal in the mid 1800’s. There was a newspaper that published by the students of the Seminary called “Cherokee Rose Buds”.  The following letter was written by a student, Na-Li, who was one of only two full-bloods enrolled in the school. The letter was written in Cherokee and sends a wonderful message to youth regarding the availability of an education which has been translated into English.

 “The women of the Cherokee Nation are being written to. Long, long ago, mixed bloods and rich people were the only ones that used these schools. This is what we heard. These people were wrong. To the few families I have mentioned above: My parents were Indians. Not rich, not poor, just everyday Cherokee. But, they loved their children in a way these other people can’t feel. They have not learned from books. They don’t know how to use the right wording. I am alone; my parents are already gone. When I was a child, my mother had a hard cough for a long time and she passed away. A kind teacher took me and cared for me. Children do not think like adults, but she taught me. Because of her, I was able to get into this big school. But, in my opinion, anybody could make it into this school if they set their minds to it.” Signed – Na-Li 

During this time of year, Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day. I am always reminded of the rose of our family, U-ni-tsi ~Mom. She was our teacher and placed the importance of an education in my life. She understood that when we follow in the footsteps of the Creator that our life becomes a wreath of rose buds that are blooming into beautiful roses.

Please enjoy the ending of this poem that was written about the students of the Cherokee Seminary: “Warmed by the sunshine of your eyes, perhaps you’ll find to your surprise, their petals fair will soon unclose and every bud becomes–a Rose.  Then take our wreath, and let it stand an emblem of our happy band; this Seminary, our garden fair; and we, the flowers planted there. Like roses bright we hope to grow, and o’er our home such beauty throw, in future years–that all may see the loveliest of lands,–the Cherokee” – as we are on the path following in His footsteps – May the Sacred Fire of His love continue to burn.

A da do li gi,