School Visits

O-si-yo (hello in Cherokee)        

Teachers: What you should do to prepare your students for a school visit.


  • Learn about THREE DIFFERENT American Indian Tribes – Ex: Cherokee, Navajo, Choctaw
  • Discuss the differences and similarities in their culture and traditions
  • Listen to Native American music (flute or drum music if available)
  • Show a picture of the author
  • Discuss which animals live in the regions where different American Indian tribes live.  Ex: deer, rabbits, squirrels in Northeast Oklahoma, home of the Creek and Cherokee Tribes; seals, polar bears in Alaska, home of the Eskimo (Inuit and Yupik Tribes)

Explain books are available to purchase for $10 and will be autographed by the author

School Assembly Only:   American Indian stories are told, which are interactive.  Linda shares some musical selections in the Cherokee language and performs a musical selection in Native American sign language. (30 to 45 minutes)

Classroom Visits or Assembly:  Two classroom visits plus an assembly or four classroom visits with no assembly

Classroom Visits:  Topics- American Indian Storytelling. Interactive time for students to share their knowledge of American Indians and to ask questions.  Demonstrate Cherokee Basket weaving and share some Cherokee children’s songs.

For older students an explanation of: 

  • How an idea becomes a book
  • How a book is illustrated
  • How to make a Cherokee Basket and teach students to make a small basket
  • American Indian storytelling
  • Time is very flexible (ex: for a younger class we will spend more time storytelling and interactive time and less time with the other).

Churches and Religious Organizations

Linda shares her inspirational personal testimony and cultural background, sings in her Cherokee tribal language and presents her book showing the illustrations in a Powerpoint presentation. Linda  gives a beautiful performance of The Lord’s Prayer in Native American Sign Language.

She is also available to visit Sunday School classes demonstrating how to make a Cherokee basket with storytelling, presents a brief cultural presentation and has a question and answer session.

Civic Organizations

Linda has traveled world wide speaking on diversity, acceptance and forgiveness.  She shares her experiences traveling as the only American Indian cast member in the International organization “Up With People” and her visit to  Alcatraz Island when it was occupied by American Indian activists.  She also sings in Cherokee performs a musical selection in her Native sign language.


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